Appears In: "Leave Me Alone"

"They have those stupid fucking crackers that are supposed to be cookies that are supposed to everyone's drunk but acts like what they have to say is totally still valid." Adam nailed it. Readings are awful. The good thing about the reading featured in Girls is that Hannah isn't like most established writers who affect a strange, presentational tone when they read, like that breathy, yet self-assured accent that you're obliged to put on if you stand behind the podium. And at the end, the author usually slows down their pace, punctuating their words in order to let you soak in the weight of what they have read. Just. Like. This. And, yes, the food is awful. But, in our experience, there is always copious amounts of boxed wine left over, which helps.

Verdict: (Somehow) Not Nearly as Cool as It Is in Girls