Failed Movie: The Marine (2006)

Be thankful—WWE's "Doctor of Thuganomics" could've very well starred in a Vince Mcmahon-backed, poor man's version of 8 Mile. The wrestling federation's resident freestyle rapper, Cena is known for being the sport's biggest hip-hop head, and, one would imagine, there must've been meetings behind the scenes about ways to exploit that side of his persona. So, in a sense, it's a good thing that they opted to go the tired and true route by positioning Cena as a blue-collar action hero.

Nonetheless, discerning moviegoers unfortunate enough to pay their way into screenings of 2006's The Marine were greeted with a predictably bland and formulaic throwback to the Steven Seagal/Jean-Claude Van Damme films of the '80s, minus the goofy charm and loveable cheese.

At his best, Cena is a dimmer, seriously jacked Mark Wahlberg, and in a better movie he'd be likable enough to coast by on his (diesel) everyman qualities. But, alas, The Marine screenwriter Michael Gallagher and director John Bonito didn't do him any favors. For that matter, nor did the filmmakers behind 12 Rounds, Cena's equally inert, action-heavy 2009 effort.