The New York Post says that the New York City Department of Education's Office of Special Investigations has learned that middle school teacher Jacqueline Baffoni reportedly said "I have a knife in this room, and I wish I could stab them!"—in front of her Castle School students. 

According to the investigation, Baffoni made the comment about her class around the time she find out that she could possibly lose her position as a probationary teacher. Baffoni has called the accusations "slanderous rumors," saying she would never hurt any of her students. 

A former roommate said she could understand Baffoni saying something like that during a tense moment because she's dedicated to her job and students "probably more than she should be." The roommate added that Baffoni went out of her way for students, holding barbecues for them and spending her own money on them as well.

Baffoni is no longer a Department of Education employee.

[via Gothamist]