When it's over for some people, it's really over. 29-year-old Faron Thompson was arrested in Orlando, FL for allegedly shoving his fiancee's engagement ring down her throat on Sunday. Thompson and the woman had been in a four-year relationship, and she told police she was in the middle of moving out of the apartment the former couple shared. 

In the midst of the moving out process, she and Thompson were arguing, when she suddenly realized that her diamond engagement ring was still on the kitchen counter. When she went to retrieve it, Thompson reportedly tried to make her eat it, then threatened to burn the apartment down on some "Love The Way You Lie" shit.

The woman told authorities that Thompson pushed her against a wall while she was holding a 1-year-old, then covered her mouth and nose and tried to stop her from breathing. The woman fled and called law enforcement.

Thompson was charged with battery via strangulation and child neglect. This relationship needed to end because dysfunctional is not the way to go.

[via The Huffington Post]