After escaping from downtown Chicago's federal prison in December, a bank robber has finally been captured again. His "old man" disguise didn't fool anyone. Kenneth Conley, 38, was arrested once again on Friday while wearing "sunglasses, a beret, an overcoat" while walking with a cane.

Back on Dec. 18, Conley and cellmate Joseph ‘‘José'' Banks escaped by smashing a hole in a cell window and descending 20 stories with a rope made out of bed sheets. Banks is known as the "Second Hand Bandit" because of his tendency to wear "thrift store disguises" during robbery attempts.

Police responded to a call about a man sleeping in the basement on a condo going through renovation and stumbled upon Conley, wearing his old man disguise. A 33-year-old high school teacher who chose only to be identified as "Dan" punched Conley in the face when he attempted to enter his home. Here's Dan's hilarious account:

"Where he met his end was here," [Dan] said. "He didn't get permission to enter my place. He got taken out of here in a bad way."

[via Gawker]