Where: Morris Plains, New Jersey
Years Of Operation1876 to present

If intentions counted for anything, Greystone’s noble mission to provide a sanctuary for the mentally ill might have meant something. That is, had they not went on to interpret “sanctuary” as squeezing 2,412 patients in a space meant to hold no more than 1,600. To make matters worse, Greystone adopted controversial treatment for its patients, regularly administering Insulin shock therapy, and electroconvulsive therapy to veterans suffering from PTSD.

As accounts of sexual abuse, suicide, death, and even a well-publicized escape of a rapist became to accumulate, there was increased pressure for Greystone to conclude its program. Yet, New Jersey's mental health officials have since made plans to replace the facility with a smaller hospital. One can only hope the new 750-bed facility will provide more humane humane treatment.