The days of awkwardly tapping through your iPhone’s Spotify playlist during your early morning jogs are coming to a close.

The iOS app, Vela (an acronym for Voice Enhanced Listening Assistant), lets users link a Spotify, Rdio, or Rhapsody account to the player. Once it is connected to an account, users can select songs or albums using their voice.

“In building Vela we didn’t want to just make a music player app,”  Justin Mason, the app’s creator, said. “It works the way you’d expect a music app to always work on a mobile device.”

Vela’s interface includes a sizable microphone button as its center. With a tap, the microphone button will light up; tell the app what you’d like to listen to, and within 3 seconds, the song will begin to play.

The size of Vela’s primary button is also useful for those who use their iPhones to play music while driving. A large button means less time navigating through the small buttons that usually come with music apps, so your eyes stay on the road ahead. “We wanted to make a much better music experience for mobile listening,” Mason said.

If users are feeling social, the app also allows them to connect to Twitter or Facebook, and share their music across those services. — Jason Duaine Hahn

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[via Gizmodo]