Britney and Her Fiance Are Dunzo

Britney and Her Fiance Are DunzoPhoto credit: Darla Khazei, Pacific Coast News

 The same day she announced she's leaving The X Factor, Britney Spears confirmed she's split with her babysitter fiance/manager Jason Trawick. He also removed himself as legal co-conservator—now Britney's dad, Jamie, will handle her money until she's free of all head-shaving tendencies.



She also recently switched management agencies, meaning Trawick is probably no longer involved there either. Courts are still deciding whether our beloved Brit Brit should be able to take care of her own cash (and hopefully keep it away from K-Fed...but we're going to pretend like that marriage never happened).



So no X-Factor, no wedding...what's next? A new album? Getting back with JT? A Cheetos collaboration? A girl can dream. 

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[via People]

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