College: Jackson State College
City: Jackson, MS
Date: 5/15/1970
Number of People Involved: ~100

Most Americans have heard of the Kent State shooting, but few nowadays are aware of what took place 11 days later in Mississippi. During the heat of a Vietnam War protest staged by students at Jackson State College (now University), city and state police confronted the group of a hundred or so African-Americans in the middle of the night. The students held the event in objection to the invasion of Cambodia, and were said to be growing increasingly rowdy, lighting fires and making noise, prompting 75 local police units to be dispatched. Around 12:05 a.m., reports say, police began shooting into the crowd, killing 2 students and leaving 12 injured. Many more sustained minor injuries from broken glass in the incident, wherein 30 seconds of gunfire and 140 shotgun rounds left every window along one city street shattered.