College: Iowa State University
City: Ames, Iowa
Date: 4/18/2004
Number of People Involved: ~2,000

Students at Iowa State University did a modest four-bedroom house's worth of damage to their beloved (or maybe not so much?) campus in the early morning hours of April 18, 2004, during an annual week long celebration held in Ames each spring. Police armed with pepper spray and tear gas faced off against a pack of 2,000 rabid Iowans that spilled out into the street shortly after officers attempted to break up a 400-person party deemed unruly. That plan backfired.

Parking meters and street signs were destroyed, and 38 suffered injuries, while 37 emerged handcuffed in the hostile affair that lasted nearly until dawn. In all, the damage inflicted by this pack totaled $250,000, a figure displayed by broken storefronts, uprooted lamp posts, and defiled street signs across town. The celebration was canceled the next year.