Close to 20,000 people are already sick with the flu, so we'd advise everyone to get that flu shot now or forever hold your peace. However, it's being reported that several pharmacies are running out of the goods. According to CBS and the New York Daily News, nearly all of the Manhattan pharmacies that they reached out to had run out of flu shots due to overwhelming demand.

"I think we gave out between 20 to 30 vaccines before we ran out," said Dr. Mark Melrose, the co-owner of the Upper West Side's Urgent Care Manhattan. Melrose added that his office usually performs 2 to 3 injections per day, but that number rocketed to 20 or 30 on Saturday.

Ten adults have already succumbed to the flu this season, as well as 18 children across the country. All hope is not lost though: New Yorkers can consult this health map to find local vaccine providers by entering their zip codes, and those without Internet should call call 1-800-522-5006 or 1-800-655-1789.

[via Gothamist]