Thought you saw Amber Tamblyn for a few seconds Quentin Tarantino's latest film, Django Unchained? Right you were - her memorable role was that of "Daughter of a Son of a Gunfighter," and said "Son of a Gunfighter" was portrayed by her father, Russ Tamblyn. It's little touches like this that make Tarantino films great, so it begs the question: How did such a perfect father/daughter cameo come about?

"Quentin's a good friend of mine," Amber told Vulture recently of the roles. "And he lost a drinking bet, and the drinking bet was, if I could out-drink him in whiskey, I could play a cameo." she joked. "I'm Scottish."

Interesting, but the real story behind the cameos is actually much sweeter:

"It was first a friend thing...he texted me and said, 'Would you come do a cameo?' And I said yes. And after the fact, I said, 'It would be super cool [to have my father and me play Son of a Gunfighter and Daughter of a Son of a Gunfighter].' And Quentin was like, 'Sold. Done.' So it's sort of like this totally weird thing to happen and a total inside joke," she explained. "It's such a cool moment for me to see my name in an old Western style next to my dad's...even though I didn't really have much of a role, that to me is like a career lifetime moment. Some day, when my dad is gone, I'll look at that and go, 'We were next to each other.'" The more you know!

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[via Vulture]