An interest in anti-gun laws peaked after the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook. Congress will not be able to pass stricter legislation over night, but Amazon is doing its part by helping get guns off the street. The retailer is offering $100 and $200 gift cards to customers who trade in their firearms.

Amazon, along with various organizations part of the Seattle-King County Gun Safety Initiative, has raised over $100,000 to giveaway for the upcoming buyback program. On January 26, Seattle residents will be able to cash out after turning in weapons; handguns, shotguns and rifles merit a $100 gift card, while assault weapons merit a $200 gift card.

The Seattle Police Department ensured citizens the buy back program was not a gimmick. “This isn’t a trick, and this isn’t a sting. Whether you’re turning an anti-tank missile launcher you “found” in your basement, or your Gammie’s old .45, the buyback is anonymous with no questions asked.”

Last month a similar event was held in Los Angeles and it successfully brought in over 2,000 weapons and two rocket launchers. Yes, rocket launchers. 

[via Geekwire]