It was an absolute shock when Texas Chainsaw 3D beat Django Unchained, The Hobbit, and Les Mis at the box office over the weekend, but what’s not surprising is the report that Bloody Disgusting just came out with. According to the site, the producers behind the film have the rights to put out seven Texas Chainsaw installments, and now Lionsgate is already looking to move forward with a sequel to this unexpected hit.

Obviously this is just a rumor at this point, but would any of you really be shocked to see a new Texas Chainsaw movie hit theaters annually at this point? Right when it was revealed that the movie made over $20 million on a reported $8 million budget, the milking of this cash cow was all but inevitable. Horror fans are accustomed to seeing countless sequels of their favorite franchises, but remember, the Texas Chainsaw series almost died before because of oversaturation, and there is always a price to pay for too much of a good thing.

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[via Bloody Disgusting]