Date: November 2011

On the evening of November 14, Luis Solivan was returning to his parents apartment in the Bronx after purchasing cigarettes when a police vehicle made a U-turn toward him. Solivan claims he fled out of fear, and police chased him right into his parent's home. Solivan was eventually arrested, but not before officers claimed that he punched both of them and grabbed their radios when they attempted to call for backup. The criminal complaint also accused Solivan of trying—unsuccessfully—to remove one of the officer's guns from his holster.

Solivan, who was awaiting trial for an attempted murder charge stemming from a 2010 fight, was taken into the hallway after being taken into custody and had his head slammed into the wall. He was detained for an hour at the 46th Precinct station, where a lawsuit alleges that he was taken into a bathroom and beaten by officers. A trip to St. Barnabas Hospital revealed injuries to his nose and face, specifically "blunt head injury."

The initial chase of Solivan was captured by security cameras, and an acquaintance filmed as much of the incident as possible through an apartment window. The footage, which contradicted the police's account of what happened, was shown to a grand jury, leading to a dismissal of the case against Solivan. In September 2012, Solivan's attorney filed a civil rights lawsuit against the officers for brutally beating Solivan while he was handcuffed.