Date: January 2012

On January 26, 19-year-old Jateik Reid was beaten by four NYPD officers during an arrest for alleged possession of drugs. The incident, which was captured on video, showed police pummeling the Bronx teen. Officers can be seen kicking him and striking him with a baton while he is sprawled on the sidewalk. One officer also appeared to threaten the person who taped the ordeal with pepper spray. Police attempted to justify their attack by saying that Reid punched and headbutted one of the officers. Seven charges against Reid—including drug possession, assault, and harassment—were dropped after the Bronx district attorney's office admitted that they could not prove that Reid resisted arrest, or did anything police claimed that he did to justify their actions.

NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly called the video "disturbing" and placed the officers involved on desk duty, but they were not immediately investigated.