Date: August 1999

31-year-old Gidone Busch, who was mentally disturbed, was shot and killed by NYPD officers in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Busch, who was also suffering from a kidney disease, was wielding a hammer and threatening police at the time of his shooting. The incident became highly controversial due to multiple accounts regarding what transpired. In November 1999, a grand jury declined to indict the four officers involved with the shooting, stating the Busch posed a threat because he threatened them with a hammer that he refused to drop.

Busch's mother, Doris Busch-Boskey, filed a federal suit claiming that her son's civil rights had been violated. In June 2001, the Justice Department decided not to file the charges because they agreed that the officers had not used excessive force. By October of 2003, Busch-Boskey's case against the NYPD made its way to a federal court. However, in November 2003, a jury declared both the city and NYPD not liable for Busch's death. That ruling was overturned by a federal judge in September 2004, and a new trial was ordered because of questions regarding the testimonies of NYPD officers.

Doris Busch-Boskey decided against pursuing another trial in August 2006, finally letting her son rest in peace.