Notable Examples: Nekromantik (1987), Nekromantik 2 (1991), Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993), Clerks (1994), Kissed (1996), Warm Bodies (2013)

White Zombie, released in 1932, is widely recognized as the first zombie film. Audiences have been eating (ayo!) them up ever since. But zombie-on-human love is a relatively new concept (see 1993's Return of the Living Dead 3 for an early example). Typically, zombies don't get ass—they get brains. Or entrails, or whatever else is easily caught and clawed apart. Warm Bodies seeks to soften the image of zombies in popular culture. Will it work? Nah, probably not.

While they aren't zombies, corpses have a history of getting play on film. The extreme German horror film Nekromantik put necrophilia through the grimy exploitation ringer. Clerks played human/corpse intercourse for laughs. Kissed, a little-seen Canadian film, dressed it up very seriously for the art-house treatment. Such a variety of approaches for something so damn ghastly.