Notable Examples: Bride of Chucky (1998), Black Devil Doll (2007), Ted (2012),

Human on toys happens all the time, really. There's a whole business there. We're talking Fleshlights, vibrators—you get the idea. And we live in a time where most of this stuff is normal. Or at least acceptable, so long as it isn't your mom going through your underwear drawer.

But there exist some examples of people taking a love of toys too far. In Bride of Chucky, Jennifer Tilly voices Tiffany, a seductive, murderous doll with a healthy sex drive. Then, in 2010's campy horror flick Black Devil Doll, there's a whole lot of toy-on-human action after a girl spends a night playing occult and summons an evil doll with a fro, who exacts revenge on her half-naked friends. 

And who could forget Ted? We'll never understand how the Seth MacFarlane-voiced stuffed animal dates a hot blonde and participates in a foursome. Logistics, you know?