Gaming addiction is a problem all over the world, but in China one frustrated father apparently decided to do something unique about it, according to MSN.

This is truly rich: rather than cutting off the money paying for his entitled 23-year-old son's online game addiction, MSN reports that the desperate father hired some expert gamers to follow the kid around in his online games and gank him all day long. No one wants to get ganked that hard 24/7, so hopefully it was enough to get the son to take a step back and maybe think about getting a job instead of waiting for one to fall into his lap.

Apparently the son claimed that he isn't addicted to games, but a father usually knows best, doesn't he? We'd love to know how this turned out, but unfortunately that's not part of the story. Have your parents ever tried anything drastic to get you to stop gaming?

[via neoGAf]