Director: Derek Cianfrance
Stars: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne, Eva Mendes, Ray Liotta, Dane DeHaan, Bruce Greenwood, Ben Mendelsohn
Release Date: March 29

Leading up to its premiere at last September's Toronto International Film Festival, The Place Beyond the Pines was riding a strong wave of prestigious, pre-release hype. The main reason: It's the second team-up from independent writer-director Derek Cianfrance and your girlfriend's dream lover, Mr. Ryan Gosling, following 2010's emotionally devastating Blue Valentine. Also, Gosling's equally top-billed co-star Bradley Cooper is just as hot in Hollywood as the Drive leading man.

Immediately after the film's TIFF debut, the positive reviews flowed throughout the Internet. And with the unveiling of the movie's eye-opening, excellent first trailer last month, The Place Beyond the Pines—about a motorcycle stunt driver (Gosling) who turns to robbery and the police officer (Cooper) on his trail—looks like an absolute slam dunk.