Director: Adrián García Bogliano
Stars: Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro, Alan Martinez, Michele Garcia
Release date: To be determined

Argentina's own Adrián García Bogliano can't be put into any one kind of box within the horror genre. With each new film, the young writer-director has shifted gears, challenging himself to subvert a common scary-movie trope; in Here Comes the Devil, Bogliano tries his hand at the supernatural, telling an unsettling and unpredictable tale about two loving, though fragile, parents struggling to figure out why their two kids have been acting so oddly after returning from a mysterious cave.

Cultivating a mood of overwhelming dread, Bogliano's latest twists and turns its way into a lane occupied by the most daring of horror movies, where familiar concepts and images play out in unexpected (sometimes questionable) ways; every choice indicates that he's a director unafraid of failing. Here Comes the Devil won every single horror prize at last September's Fantastic Fest awards ceremony, and for good reason: It's an assured effort from an exciting new voice.