Directors: Jen and Sylvia Soska
Stars: Katharine Isabelle, Tristan Risk, Antonio Cupo, John Emmet Tracy, David Lodgren, Twan Holliday, Paula Lindberg
Release date: To be determined

Around the 40-minute mark in American Mary, one thing becomes clear: directors Jen and Sylvia Soska are not playing around.

Debuting last year with the cheaply made but highly enjoyable exploitation flick Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the Canadian sisters, known as the Twisted Twins, showed tons of potential, and their equally depraved follow-up demonstrates real growth.

Katharine Isabelle, playing the titular Mary, captivates as a med student dealing with school stress and financial troubles who falls down the sick rabbit hole of underground body modification. Carnage, dark comedy, and graphic sexuality coat the screen.

With just two films, these young directors have nailed their unique style, demonstrating that they are beholden to no standards of taste. Get familiar with the names Jen and Sylvia Soska—they're here to stay. A good thing, indeed.