Air dates: August 5, 2001-November 11, 2004
Star: Dave Attell

Dave Attell remains one of comedy's most underrated talents. For recent evidence, catch up with his riotous, raunchy, Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque Showtime series Dave's Old Porn, in which Attell sits down with a notable comedian and an adult film veteran to comment on vintage, low-budget, exceedingly hairy skin flicks. Or simply dig back into the vaults and track down his innovative Comedy Central show, Insomniac with Dave Attell.

Accompanied by a camera crew, Attell proceeded his various stand-up gigs across the country with interactions amongst local bar patrons, passers-by on the streets, and all kinds of other everyday people. The results were unpredictable, unrehearsed, and never underwhelming. It's basically what you and your boys do every Friday night around 3 a.m., except, you know, it's coherent.