Movie: Young Frankenstein (1974)

If you've never seen Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, make that your homework assignment for this upcoming weekend. You don't even have to possess an awareness or affinity for Mary Shelley's seminal horror novel Frankenstein or director James Whale's pair of classic monster movies (Frankenstein, 1931, and Bride of Frankenstein, 1935) inspired by Shelley's book to appreciate it—the jokes work on every possible level.

At the heart of Young Frankenstein is a big musical number, performed by Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) and his undead creature creation (Peter Boyle). In what appears to be a cabaret-like venue, Victor intends to show a crowd of spectators that the monster is obedient. The demonstration culminates in a lively rendition of the 1929 tune "Puttin' on the Ritz," though the monster can only grunt his lines in a high pitch. It can, however, dance up a storm with its surprisingly happy and graceful feet.