Movie: Scary Movie (2000)

Yes, everything is funner when Mary Jane's presence is felt, but that's not the only reason why Scary Movie's extended weed-smoking sequence also happens to be the movie's best moment. It's just downright hilarious.

While their friends party downstairs, stoner extraordinaire Shorty (Marlon Wayans) tokes up with a bunch of his pals upstairs. Higher than our nation's debt figures, Shorty reenacts his favorite scene from The Sixth Sense—you know, the one about seeing dead people. When, out of nowhere, the Ghostface-masked killer shows up ready to slice and dice.

Except, Mr. Ghostface can't resist some potent sticky icky. He takes a massive bong hit, his mask contorts into a heavy-lidded stoner face, and he mocks the "Jay, Jay, ba, ba, ba" chant from the Friday the 13th flicks. A few threatening prank phone calls later ("I'm gonna gut you like a fish! Ha ha ha!"), Ghostface animatedly drops a few freestyle rhymes ("I'm gonna slash and gash, cut into the hole in your ass!") and unknowingly hacks up Shorty's buddies as his flailing arms emphasize each word.

To paraphrase Shorty, "That's some funny shit, son!"