Movie: High School High (1996)

If there's ever been a cinematic subgenre that's clichéd enough to deserve a parody, it's the teacher-saves-urban-kids film, with entries like Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, and Lean on Me. Back in 1996, High School High (co-written by Airplane! co-director David Zucker) rightfully lampooned those kinds of movies. Jon Lovitz played Richard Clark, the far-from-hood, square teacher starting a new job inside an inner-city high school occupied by gangsters, pregnant teenagers, and scared, useless professors.

While chaperoning the school dance, Mr. Clark tires of hearing nothing but hip-hop music and gives the DJ a vinyl copy of his favorite record, country singer Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy." He thinks "the kids will enjoy a nice song with a melody." Unsurprisingly the students stop dancing once it drops and look around confused, until the DJ proceeds to scratch the shit out of Mr. Clark's "rare, original pressing," much to the adult's horror.