Movie: CB4 (1993)

Giving the hip-hop community its own version of Rob Reiner's rock-geared This is Spinal Tap, director Tamra Davis and writers Chris Rock, Nelson George, and Robert LoCash poked tons of fun at the gangster rap subculture in CB4. The film's funniest moments are its fake rap songs and accompanying music videos, like the N.W.A.-spoofing "Straight Outta Locash."

And then there's "Sweat of My Balls," a send-up of Kool G Rap & DJ Polo's raunchy "Talk Like Sex." It's CB4's crowning achievement in absurdist humor, complete with profound lyrics like, "For demonstrations, watch us slam her/ Steady poundin' like a jackhammer." And, "I do a damn good job / And bitches on my dick like a human shish-ka-bob."