Appears In: The Guns of Will Sonnet (1967-1969)
Portrayed By: Walter Brennan

Will Sonnett was unlike most TV Western stars of the '60s. Rather than tall, dark, and handsome, Sonnett was old and rough around the edges. He would intimidate more youthful villains who got an itchy trigger finger by calmly stating that he was certainly a better shot than they were, "no brag, just fact."

Brennan was the perfect actor to play Will Sonnett, as he was himself a wily veteran. By the time he strapped on Sonnett's holster, Brennan was over 20 years removed from his three Oscar wins for Best Supporting Actor (a record that still stands today—for Come and Get It, Kentucky, The Westerner). Will Sonnet was one of his last of 230 film and TV roles he took in his storied career.