We already know Wesley is more than a little nutty when it comes to the taxes, but comedian/character actor Patton Oswalt recently revealed to AV Club one of the best set anecdotes ever in regards to Blade: Trinity that shed light on just how wild for the night Snipes is. Apparently we have him to thank for Ryan Reynold’s myriad of so corny-they’re-awesome puns that almost make the forgettable threequel worthwhile, because at that point Wes was calling his own shots.

He frequently battled with director David Goyer, refused to come out of his pot-den trailer for anything other than close-ups, and when he did decide to act, the result was so flat and emotionless that Reynolds was given free reign to go ham on the improv. In the name of delivering this great performance, Wes remained firmly in character on set, going so far as to introduce himself as Blade on Patton’s first day.

His antics peaked when he attempted to strangle Goyer during one of his rare set appearances, which led the frightened director to enlist a couple of local Vancouver bikers to be his “bodyguards.” The fracas was enough to push Wesley to cut first-hand interaction with Goyer off completely, opting for post-its as a means of communication for the rest of the shoot. Each of which was, of course, signed “Blade.”