The eccentric gazillionaire is both a weirdo in his personal life and his career choices. This is the same guy who won a well deserved Oscar for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas, delivered a slew of worthy turns in both critically acclaimed films and crowd-pleasing blockbusters but then does certified snoozers like Bangkok Dangerous, Next, or Trespass.

There’s a 50-50 chance each film that he’ll sleepwalk through it, or overact so EVERY. LINE. REA-DING COMES. OFF. LIKE. THIS. As for his personal life, well, he likes to purchase rare dinosaur skulls in his downtime, has a pyramid prepared for his body to rest in after his death (which we admit, is kind of awesome), dresses crazy-style, has more than a couple classic sloppy-drunk embarrassments, and he only eats animals that he deems have dignified sex (so pigs are out). Then there’s his youngest son, named after Superman. That’s right, Kal-el Cage. Marvel and DC connect!