Most celebrities age gracefully into their elder years, adapting their career along with it and maintaining relevance in the process. Nick Nolte, plays Dance Dance Revolution. Back in 2001, 48 Hours documented the veteran actor’s obsessive attempts to do, what he described as, “slowing down the aging process.”

This involves the aforementioned DDR, to keep up exercise and reflexes, as well a strict organic diet, and regiment of pills and vitamin drips in an attempt to keep pristine health. While running a series of physical tests at a Dallas clinic (run by a renowned anti-aging doctor), dude goes so hard he literally passes out for a quick spell. One year after the 48 Hours special, he was arrested for drunk driving in Malibu with GHB on his person, which he claimed to be taking for four years without “getting raped.”

Nolte, last seen in the disappointing Gangster Squad, is 71 now and looks every bit his age, so we can officially chalk the anti-aging, Dance Dance Revolution, GHB regiment up as a failure, right?