Cocaine is a hell of a drug. So is heroin. And LSD. Courtney Love has been on all three and more. Possibly at the same time. We hope she kicked it all during her pregnancy with Frances Bean but who knows.

There really isn’t anything nuts that Kurt Cobain’s one true love hasn’t done. She completed the Celebrity Nutjob Rite of Passage by going on Letterman and losing her mind —and her top—for all of late night to see, she’s gone on incoherent, rambling rants on all the major social media platforms, railed at flight attendants for no real reason at all, and had an onstage meltdown at a concert when a fan held up a picture of Kurt.

If Charlie Sheen is the crazy equivalent of the prom king, then Courtney is most certainly the queen, with more intoxicated public appearances and sour custody battles than the Sheen could attempt if he tried. Poor Frances Bean.