As Seen In: Thir13een Ghosts (2001)

It's shame that director Steve Beck's stylish and imaginative remake of William Castle's campy 1960 crowd-pleaser 13 Ghosts suffers from such a crappy script. On a purely visual level, 2001's Thir13een Ghosts (buffoonish spelling aside) radiates sadistic elegance, its central location (a decadent mansion) adorned with glass floors and walls, giving it one of horror cinema's all-time greatest set designs.

Too bad everything involving the story and characters is junk. Well, except for the death of unlikable lawyer Ben Moss (J.R. Bourne). Unwittingly standing in the middle of a sliding glass door's path, Ben gets rapidly, perfectly sliced in half. The silver lining here: At least he's unable to feel any pain or see the front half of his physique slide down the glass, since, you know, his brain was cleaved in two.