As Seen In: Saw II (2005)

Frankly, every death scene from every Saw movie could've made this countdown, but, unlike the Final Destination gags, the Jigsaw's money shots were always shot with erratic, Ritalin-deficient editing, obnoxiously loud music, and zero subtlety. They're all exceedingly unpleasant ways to die, sure, but who could ever tell, what with the Saw directors turning each sequence into an industrial music video?

There is one Saw death, however, that leaves a lasting, cringe-inducing imprint. In the underrated Saw II, Addison (Emmanuelle Vaugier) reaches into a glass box to fetch a needle, but the closer she gets to said needle, the more the strategically placed razors carve into her wrists. Whether she keeps trying for the needle or pulls her arms back out, either way she's screwed. Those blood-tinged tears on her face tell the whole story.