As Seen In: Resident Evil (2002)

In the movie adaptation of Resident Evil, the Umbrella Corporation's underground headquarters is, simply put, a death trap. The places that aren't overrun by zombies are rigged with elaborate booby traps ready to silence anyone who's unfortunate enough to piss off the HQ's angry A.I., Red Queen.

Long before any of the film's living dead are introduced, military leader James Shade (Colin Salmon) and a few of his underlings attempt to walk the entryway of the Queen's chamber. Without any warning, the passageway's entrance and exit lock down and blue laser beams travel from one end to the other, slicing through anything in their paths.

Shade is the last man standing, having dodged the single beams, but then the Red Queen displays her morbid sense of humor: As Salmon awaits the next beam, the laser transforms into an grid that cuts him into tiny little cubes.