As Seen In: Kill List (2012)

From top to bottom, English genre filmmaker Ben Wheatley's 2012 standout Kill List is disturbing, discomforting, and hypnotically mysterious. As the final credits roll, one has the feeling that he or she has just been assaulted by an exceptionally violent motion picture, but, similar to the virtually bloodless The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Kill List isn't all that graphic. However, when it does get nasty, it's difficult to watch.

Wheatley cleverly saves the film's most startling image for its middle section, spending the prefacing minutes establishing an ambiance of dread. When hitman Jay (Neil Maskell) has a mark put his head onto a kitchen table in order to hit it with a hammer multiple times (with incredibly realistic makeup effects adding to the effect), it's unexpected, confrontational, and the perfect way to leave viewers on edge for the rest of the movie.

What's even more unsettling is the fact that the guy welcomes Jay's hammer, but we'll leave that explanation for you to discover.