As Seen In: Jack Frost (1997)

There's no dancing around the truth: Jokes about a woman getting raped and subsequently murdered are wrong. But don't blame us; blame the filmmakers behind Jack Frost. They're the ones that turned a fucking snowman into a murdering rapist. One that, keep in mind, doesn't melt when covered in hot water. We're just reporting facts.

If you don't smirk at that description, you've clearly never seen the delightfully bad 1997 horror film Jack Frost, whose claim to fame is the aforementioned scene featuring a young, then-unknown Shannon Elizabeth and a Psycho-loving snow monster. Her character is enjoying a relaxing bath when, suddenly, the water turns into snowy sludge and Jack Frost emerges, his hand around her waist and her arms stuck inside his chest.

And how does she ultimately perish? Jack, with a smile on his face the whole time, pounds her into the wall.