As Seen In: Irreversible (2002)

Told backwards, French filmmaker Gaspar Noe's Irreversible follows the before and after of a horrific rape; as the film begins, we're at the end of the fiasco, with the victim's boyfriend (Vincent Cassel) and friend, Marcus (Albert Dupontel), seeking out the rapist inside a gay nightclub called La Rectum (Noé's never been accused of subtlety). With the camera swirling around, and the dizzying score burrowing holes into the viewer's ear, the guys forcefully question everyone in sight before finding the person they think is La Tenia, the pimp responsible for the sexual assault.

They've got the wrong man. Still, Marcus grabs the nearest fire extinguisher and proceeds to turn the supposed Tenia's head into bloody oatmeal. Each strike of the extinguisher makes a loud, crunching sound; Noé's camera gets up close and personal with the mangled face. And the viewer is dared to keep watching.