As Seen In: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

Believe it or not, the 1998 horror sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer isn't half-bad. OK, so it's full of inane dialogue, predictable scares, and zero logic, but, taken as a whole, it's a lot of dumb fun. Any movie that's audacious enough to have its killer threaten the heroine (in this case, Jennifer Love Hewitt) with words on a karaoke machine is clearly operating on some kind of moron savant level.

It's impossible to hate a film in which Jack Black—pre-credibility—hams it up as a white, wannabe Rasta who hits on anything with a skirt and owns a gigantic bong. Through Black's character, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer presents the ultimate nightmare set-up for any serious weed smoker: Just as he's about to indulge in some potent reefer, he's impaled by a fisherman's hook. Marijuana does kill.