As Seen In: High Tension (2003)

High Tension's sickest death scene is also the main reason why we're able to forgive director Alexandre Aja and his co-writer, Grégory Levasseur, for the script's clichéd and plot twist that precedes the chainsaw sequence. Just when we thought High Tension had officially jumped the shark and crapped on everything it'd previously done so well, this scene's unbelievably raw nature left us stunned.

In it, the killer (whose identity we won't divulge here, in light of spoilers) jumps onto the hood of a car, cuts through the windshield with his trusty chainsaw and slices into the driver's chest and neck. The blood, gushing out like a fire hose, covers the damsel-in-distress seated in the backseat (which you can see above). Without High Tension's revolting power, we wouldn't have the tits and guts of Piranha 3D (also directed by Aja) to love, so be thankful.