As Seen In: Halloween II (2009)

Rob Zombie's pair of Halloween reboots are famously derided for having one-dimensional redneck characters, clunky screenplays, and wanton disregard for John Carpenter's original mythology. What even the most ardent of Michael Myers fanatics can't deny Mr. Zombie, though, is the respect he deserves for staging some of the most ferociously brutal death scenes in recent horror memory.

Case in point: the fiendishly impressive, pull-no-punches hospital massacre that opens 2009's Halloween II. When Myers stabs the nurses, his knife plunges connect like a lumberjack violently swinging an axe into the thickest tree imaginable. Even worse, though the actual act of murder isn't seen on screen, Myers dispatches one unlucky nurse by wrapping her limbs around a staircase banister as if he's auditioning for a cook position at an Auntie Anne's.