As Seen In: Death Proof (2007)

Here's a four-for-one deal for those interested in crappy ways to die. The centerpiece of Quentin Tarantino's exploitation throwback Death Proof (one half of the sadly overlooked 2007 double-feature event, Grindhouse) is an expertly staged, no-holds-barred multiple homicide carried out by the homicidal Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) and his trusty, rigged-for-personal-safety (a.k.a. "death proof") muscle car. The quartet of sexy, carefree female victims never even knew what hit them.

As the ladies are joyriding on a dusky, open road, Mike shuts off his roadster's headlights and drives, pedal to the floor, straight into the ladies' car, riding over it like a monster truck. The impact sends one victim flying through the windshield, severs a second passenger's leg, causes another's head to smash into the steering wheel, and erases the last one's face with a spinning tire.

In a career that's in no way lacking in lasting images of carnage, Death Proof's car crash sequence remains a Tarantino highlight.