As Seen In: Creepshow (1982)

The spirit of old E.C. horror comics is alive and well in George A. Romero's homage, Creepshow. Written by Stephen King, the film is comprised of five tales that, in true E.C. fashion, show bad people doing bad things and paying dearly for them in ironic ways.

Creepshow's fifth and final segment, "They're Creeping Up on You," is its nastiest bit. E.G. Marshall plays Upson Pratt, a germaphobe whose fear of all bacteria has him living in a hermetically sealed tomb of a high-rise apartment, and he's totally OK with that. A complete douchebag, Pratt starts losing his shit when an endless stream of ruthless cockroaches infiltrate his pad.

Retreating into the apartment's panic room, Pratt sees that the roaches have already made their way in there too. Thus, he's fucked. Cut to the next morning as Pratt's corpse starts unleashing hundreds of roaches until his body is covered in a mound of disgusting insects.