As Seen In: Bully (2001)

Some movie scenes are so intense, you need to a deep, long breath once they're over. The murder sequence in Larry Clark's Bully makes those scenes look like Saturday morning cartoons.

The teens' half-assed assassination plot against Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl), the son-of-a-bitch who routinely treats them like crap, is sloppy at best, the byproduct of nervous druggies guided by a so-called expert who really doesn't know his ass from his elbow. Despite their lack of finesse, this many-versus-one assassination is easily one of the creepiest on this list.

Clark presents the homicide like a scene from a horror movie. You've got the requisite gore of any classic slasher movie (slashed throat, spilled guts). The edits are increasingly erratic, quickly alternating between the reactions of the scared shitless and the impromptu slayers running on various drugs and pure adrenaline. Put those elements all together and Bully's centerpiece is more frightening than most horror films.