As Seen In: Belly (1998)

As stylized as it is, Hype Williams' hip-hop gangster flick Belly is still as perfunctory as they come, mainly because it's a little more than a glossy hodgepodge of rehashed crime movie tropes and blatant ripoff moments from earlier, better movies. Take drug kingpin Ox's (Louie Rankin) sendoff, for example, which unsubtly mimics Scarface's final scene. After Ox lights up dozens of armed goons with his own weapon, a silent, stealthy assassin named Chiquita (Belly's answer to Geno Silva's "The Skull" in Scarface), sneaks up behind him and slices his throat wide open.

It's a perfect example of how one man's unwarranted come-and-get-me cockiness leads to his abrupt demise. Dying as a result of one's own vanity—that has to sting once settled into the afterlife.