Notable Examples: Parker, Death Race, Crank, War

Jason Statham will never star in a film with an award-winning screenplay, but, seriously, are any of these writers even trying? He’s best known for the Transporter series, the Crank series, The Expendables, and The Mechanic—all of these flicks hinge on a pissed off Baldie taking revenge on someone for doing something that pissed him off. Just fill in a different "someone" and "something."

Transporter turns into War, which turns into Parker. Yet no matter how much well-worn territory Ol' Stone Face has covered already, the public still eats up his latest with a smile.

Jason Statham is about comfort. Do you want him playing a quirky archaeologist in a Wes Anderson movie, or a deaf-mute composer in whatever Tom Hooper's cooking up next? No. Of course not. You want what works.