OK, we’re not soulless, stone-cold people. Coincidences occur, and sometimes through the magic of fate or the right circumstances, people do meet someone who’s so completely compatible with them that it’s creepy. Maybe about a fifth of the time, this happens online, but most of the time it’s all just bullshit.

Take exotic dancer Trina’s episode of the show: She thinks she’s met the man of her dreams on Facebook. They share the same views on everything, have a good time talking to each other, she finds him extremely attractive, and—here’s the kicker—he’s a stripper, just like her. What are the odds!

Low. The odds were extremely low. Not only was the dude not a stripper, he also wasn’t the person pictured, and he hadn’t even told Trina his real name, which was Lee. 

This is a classic case of something sounding way too good to be true: Chances are, Trina told Lee that she was an exotic dancer, or perhaps he saw it on her Facebook, and decided to say that he was too in an effort to bond with her. How many times in real life have any of us fibbed slightly about our interests in other to make a connection with someone?

They could be smaller lies in person, but behind a computer screen, where facial cues and body language can’t be seen to indicate dishonesty, any of us could say we were exotic dancers if we wanted to. We don’t, but we could, and that power alone should be enough to make people think twice before blindly believing what anyone tells them online.