Just like we all know not to check out Craigslist to jumpstart our love lives (Free massage offer posts are always made by murderers!), the same should go for Facebook. The average user puts a significant amount of their lives on their profile page, things that are meant to be seen only by those we’ve actually met in person. Privacy features are a huge deal for Facebook for a reason, because protecting ourselves from strangers on the Internet is important shit.

With that in mind, it really doesn’t make sense to friend random people on that site, let alone start conversing with them in more than a platonic fashion. As we’ve already stated, you can’t really know if a person is who they say they are behind a computer screen, and it’s not an appealing thought that someone lying about themselves should be able to see anyone’s real one.

If online dating is your thing, stick to the websites created specifically for it—on those, where everyone signs up with the intention of meeting up with someone, the worst you can run into is someone using an old photo of themselves, or possibly a cannibalistic cop. The latter is totally rare, though.