If you do manage to get to the point in your online relationship where a significant amount of time has passed and sentiments of adoration or possibly even love are being exchanged over IM, meeting at some point in the future should be a no-brainer, right?

Not if they’re lying! Take Kim and Matt, for example. They had been talking for over 10 years, and had formed a pretty solid relationship that Kim was sure could be love. Matt, she said, expressed strong feelings for her too, but apart from phone conversations he never wanted to take any necessary steps to take their relationship to another level.

When they finally did meet at the end of their episode, we find out why: Matt was using his real photos on his Facebook page, but they were from when he was in high school and substantially thinner. He didn't want Kim to see him until he'd gotten to a weight he was more comfortable with, which is why he was dodging her requests for a meet-up. 

Really, it’s astonishing how many of these people were able to accept the fact that the person they claimed to have strong feelings for was making up excuses not to meet up with them, some even as ridiculous as having to go out of state for an emergency that conveniently occurred right before the set time. It’s shady behavior, and a clear indicator that someone’s got something to hide.